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Since establishment in 1961, the Suzuki CO.,LTD. has comprehensively developed food processing machinery with a focus on nori seaweed and cooked rice.
Based on the concept that "there are still products that don't exist in the world", we propose a multitude of ideas for machines that satisfy advanced processing conditions and contribute to labor-saving and streamlining based on the acquisition of numerous patents.
We will continue to respond to the new diverse needs of the food industry and strive to make even greater efforts and develop further ingenuity with an awareness that a flexible imagination and adaptability are of the utmost importance.
08-Jan-2018 We changed the business hours.
01-Dec-2017 New model packaging machine(SPK-2000FS) We can have your order.
  21-May-2016 It has opened the Yokohama office.
  08-Dec-2014 Our website has been updated.
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